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Utilising safely Managed water

The benefits of having access to safe water provided by the State Water Corporation can only be fully realized when you, your household and community members have access to improved sanitation and adhere to good hygiene practices, thereby lowering the risk of contracting commonly spread diseases. Having safe water is important to the health of your household, either for drinking, domestic use, food production or other purposes.

The hygiene section of this platform provides tips on safe water chain process that ensures that your water is not contaminated throughout the different stages in the safe water chain, namely water collection, handling, transportation, storage, treatment, and consumption.

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How well do you know your state water corporation? How well do you know what they have to offer? Imo State Water Corporation was established in 1976 with a mandate of supplying drinking water to people living in urban and semi-urban areas of Imo state. The State Water Corporation utilizes both surface and ground water sources.

How USAID funded E-WASH has brought new innovations, clean water to Imo state indigenes

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Imo State Water Law 2019

28 things to know about IMO State Water Law 2019

Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Policy

Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Policy

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Many young people are faced with important choices as they progress through school. After school, they search for jobs, or further their education. Sometimes, making career choices can be difficult, particularly if there is no experience with the world beyond school. Many young people may or may not have little work experience. Some get guidance from their parents or guardians, mentors or role models and/or experience from internships or part time jobs; but many have only a vague idea of the possibilities that lie ahead. Some professionals are here to share their experiences for learning purposes.

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What do you know about your state water corporation? Check the quizzes below to see if you are right. There is so much more to know about your state water corporation, safe water, sanitation and hygiene. Expand your knowledge today…

Photo Essay

The photos in this section are specially selected to educate you and your family members on how to protect children from contracting infections through unhygienic practices.  

Where should the kids play?

Playing with sands

Clean and safe water for households

Why you need a toilet


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Safe water from water coporation

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Boxing between Waterborne Disease vs Safe Water


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