8 simple things you can do to stop wasting water

Water is precious, do not waste it, we cannot survive without water.

We use water for drinking, cooking, washing, bathing, and farming.

These are ways you can stop wasting water:

Our water comes from State Water Boards. rivers, streams do not dump your waste or defecate into it.

Catch rainwater by putting buckets and water tanks by the side of your house roof before it rains.

Use a cup of water when you brush your teeth, and turn off the running tap.

Check your house for any water leakage and fix all leaking pipes.

Make sure to lock all taps properly after use.

Apply only a little soap when washing or bathing.

You can reuse washing water for mopping of the floors or washing of car parts.

Water your farms only in the mornings or evenings, the sun can cause the water to evaporate during afternoon thereby requiring more water

When you save water, water will serve you.